NFT Marketplace

Why is Smaugs creating a NFT marketplace?
The marketplace we will establish will be the common marketplace for projects in different areas. You will be able to buy products belonging to different projects using that project's token. Likewise, tokens belonging to different projects can be used during NFT token generation. We will transform the NFT world into a more fair and diverse world together.
Our biggest difference from other NFT marketplacies is that we offer artificial intelligence assisted systems that will make it easier for you to create your artworks. You can sell the products created here through the marketplace link. Another important difference is that we will add the tokens of different projects to our system through partnership agreements. Unlike other marketplaces, we will provide a much faster, easy and cheap NFT token generation service using the binance smart chain network.
• You can send the NFT tokens you purchase or the ones you produce as gift packages. Remember that for every gift sent, you will earn Smaugs tokens.
• You will be able to generate your own NFT tokens. • You can make offers on generated NFT tokens and make your own store more powerful. • Smaugs NFT marketplace will periodically send NTF token gifts to Smugs token holders. • You can claim your gifted Smaugs tokens.